Highrise API Wrapper

Push2Highrise.php is a simple PHP wrapper which adds form submitted data from your webpage directly to Highrise CRM system (http://www.highrisehq.com). Using the Highrise API, the wrapper supports the creation of contacts, notes, tasks and deals.


+ PHP 5 and PHP curl module installed
+ A Highrise account

How to?

Create a HTML form. The Push2Highrise wrapper currently uses form fields named sSubject, sEmail, sFirstName, sLastName, sCompany, sPhone, sZip, sCity, sStreet, sState, sCountry and sNotes. Of course this can be customized.

Add valid values to the variables highrise_url, api_token, task_assignee_user_id and category, which can be found in the header section of the class. The meaning of the variables is documented there.

The form will be submitted to a thankyou.php. This page contains a small piece of php which defines the operations you like to perform.

$p = Push_Highrise();

pushContact: searches for a person based on first- and lastname and creates a Highrise contact if not exist yet
pushNote: adds notes to the contact person (form fields sSubject & sNotes)
pushTask: creates a task for an existing Highrise user
pushDeal: creates a deal in Highrise

The call of pushContact is required, any others are optional.


The wrapper class can be downloaded here.

Questions? Contact Frank Henze